Looking to entertain a potential new business client?

We can help you plan ahead for your business meeting making it both professional and enjoyable. For maximum effectiveness, we suggest you contact us in advance to schedule the following:

  • Select the best table that suits your needs, from view to WiFi reception, and reserve in advance.
  • Arrange parking for your client. We offer free parking to all our our guests. If you are dropping off, we can arrange a meet and greet service along with a welcome drink while you park.
  • Pay before you eat. Arrive early at the restaurant and ask the maitre d’ to run your credit card through for pre-approval. The bill never appears at the table, so there’s no wasted time or embarrassment.
  • Get recommendations on the wine list and menu. Our maître d' can help you select the best wines before your meeting, along with additional special requirements you may have.