The Barracuda is a family-run business located in a beautifully restored 18th century seafront villa set just a metre away from the Sliema coast. Opened by restauranteur Walter G. Cassar in 1978, the Barracuda has been run and managed with pride and attentiveness by the Cassar family ever since. Over the years the Barracuda name has become synonymous with the consistent quality and attention to detail which can only be achieved by those with a sincere devotion to the art of fine dining.

The award-winning Barracuda Restaurant occupies what was once the drawing room of a lavish historic villa, offering gorgeous unobstructed views of the sea and the two charming bays known as Balluta and Spinola Bay. While converting the villa to accommodate the Barracuda, great care was taken to ensure that the building retained its characteristic Maltese flair—so much so that it received an award from the local heritage foundation, 'Din L-Art Helwa.' The commitment to preserving this local landmark endures to this day.